Why are some other DJs Cheaper

I feel i offer good value for money, over the years i have gained a lot of experience which many don't have.Also I use top quality equipment rather than the cheapest i can find.Unlike others I never cancel a job once booked.


Can I give you a playlist

Yes I always send out a request list with my confirmations, so i can tailor the evening to your taste.


What areas do you cover

I cover all over the Isle of Wight


How will you be dressed

For wedding and formal events I will wear shirt and tie, other events I will wear smart causal not t shirts


How long does it take to set up

Depending on the venue 1 to 1.5 hours, if there is enough room I can arrange to set up before the event.


How much do you charge

This depends on the package you choose and the hours required if you email with which package and times that you want I will quote you.


Will bookings be confirmed in writing

Yes all my booking are confirmed in writing and I send out a request list too


Do You have Insurance

Yes I have public liabilty insurance


How far in advance do I need to book

Some dates are really popular and get booked up a year in advances best to think ahead.


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